Coast Guard Auxiliary Members Honor Fallen Heroes

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Nebraska may not be a place you think of when talking about the U.S. Coast Guard but a unique ceremony took place Monday morning out at Branched Oak Lake to honor fallen coast guard members. This ceremony was a first of its kind.

For the first time ever U.S. Coast Guard Flotilla 33-2 held an emotional wreath laying ceremony at Branched Oak Lake.

Three separate boats carried men and women who currently are part of Flotilla 33-2. In their boats they laid a wreath into the water to honor the dead at sea in times of peace and war.

"I was on the firing squad it actually almost moved me to tears honestly," said Sergeant at Arms, Bill Montz.

Montz is part of Legion Post 342 in the Havelock district in Lincoln. For him this special ceremony moved him.

"It's emotional but yet its fulfilling so to speak," said Montz.

He's a veteran himself, served in the Air Force and Air National Guard for 6 years being a chief of a rescue crew.

"It grew me up from a 17 year old brat to a bigger brat these days I guess," said Montz.

He says it's important to remember everyone we've lost on a day like Memorial Day.

"We've got a lot of troops and a lot of places in this whole world right now and to honor those people is the least we can do," said Montz.

Montz says he hopes this ceremony happens year after year and make it a traditional event.