Cold Air Funnel Crosses Over Central Nebraska

Darlene Rosser saw her first funnel near Grand Island Thursday, but the Michigan native is both intrigued and a little let down.

What dozens in the area saw descend from a single cloud wasn't a tornado, but a cold air funnel. These weather phenomena stem from high areas of rotation in the atmosphere inside a cold air mass.

"I've never seen any kind of a tornado before, so I kind of hoped that when I did see one, it would actually be moving, but this was unique," Rosser said.

For about 30 minutes, the unique cloud sat over the South Locust Street exit on I-80.

"My husband is slapping me on my knee saying, 'wake up there's a tornado!' I found my glasses, stuck those on, looked up in the sky and there's what appears to be a tornado, but it wasn't moving," Rosser said.

Cold air funnels rarely touch the ground and cause little to no damage the majority of the time.

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