College Program Provides Free Dental Screenings for Children

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Elementary Students from across Nebraska we're brought in by the busload to receive dental care they greatly needed.

"We did a few exams but mostly we're doing treatment, like fillings, crowns, root canal's event. A lot of cleaning's as well," said UNMC Dean of Dentistry John Reinhardt.

It was a part of the University of Nebraska Medical Center's Dental Day. A day where 200 underprivileged students from across the state of Nebraska could travel to Lincoln for free dental exams.

"A lot of children don't get dental care and if they don't some of these kids have serious problems. They're living in pain, said Reinhardt.

College Students in the Dentistry Program are able to give back, having the opportunity to treat people who can't have access otherwise is a special privilege.

"It's these volunteer efforts through the programs 14 years that have made such a big impact on some students, that they've actually decided to pursue a career in dentistry, said Reinhardt.

"Five ex-students from Lexington have come through here, right now two of them are here that are just starting the program. Three others have gone on to become dentist," said Lexington Assistant Principal Ray Otero.

Through all of the drilling and polishing done today, their hard work doesn't go unappreciated.