Columbus Woman Stabbed to Death; Grandson Arrested

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COLUMBUS, Neb. -- A Columbus woman had died after being stabbed, and police have arrested her grandson in connection with the killing.

Bail has been set at $1 million for 19-year-old Chase Micklevitz accused of fatally stabbing his grandmother.

Columbus police say 58-year-old Deanna Micklevitz called for help at 1:23 Wednesday afternoon, saying she had been stabbed.

She was taken to Columbus Community Hospital and then was flown to Bryan Health Medical Center in Lincoln, where she was pronounced dead upon her arrival.

Chase ran from the stabbing. Columbus police, Platte County sheriff's deputies and state patrol officers searched the area for a little over an hour.

During this time, the community became a big part in the search.

Columbus Police Chief William Gumm said, "We appreciate the help of the law enforcement agencies and community. We had several persons call in about a suspicious individual, running, hiding. The information was beneficial in the apprehension."

He was found about an hour after the call and was chased to the Avenue Chiropractic parking lot where he squared off with police with the same 4''-5'' kitchen knife he allegedly used to stab his grandmother.

"He threatened the arresting officers and then he held it to his throat for a short time," said Chief Gumm. "That's when the officers decided to taze him rather than get into physical contact with him armed with a knife like that."

He was transported to the Columbus Hospital for the taze and a cut on his hand from the knife.

Chase Micklevitz was held at the Platte County Jail, and police say he will be charged with 2nd degree murder.

As to whether or not he will face charges for allegedly attacking officers, Chief Gumm said, "That's to be seen. Right now the 2nd Degree Homicide is going to take priority."

Deanna's daughter, Jennifer Bach, also Chase's mother, described her mother, a retired domestic engineer, as an awesome, strong woman and an awesome grandma.

She said she doesn't know what was going through her son's head. Although he was dealing with issues with drugs and alcohol.

Bach said her son and Deanna had just returned from looking into a treatment facility, had called her to come over to talk about it, but a half hour after getting home, the 911 call was placed.

Bach told 10/11 she and her family will be staying by Chase's side throughout the court process, despite what he is accused of doing.

She said her mother always believed, "Don't quit. Divided we fall." As such, Deanna would never give up on Chase, even as he faces charges for her murder.

Bach said Chase knew he had problems with drugs and alcohol and was trying to better himself. He was even going back to school, but Bach said, he now has a different path to take.

Deanna had 11 grandchildren, including Chase, and she loved each of them, especially as they helped her through the last year after her husband passed away.

Of those grandchildren, Deanna was helping raise Chase, who split time living at her home and Jennifer's.

Jennifer said with a laugh, while fighting back tears Deanna was a great mom, and she will miss that, "Bull headed, red headed woman."