Super Bowl Commercial Sums Up Life of a Farmer

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It sums up the life of a farmer in two minutes using the eloquent storytelling of Paul Harvey.

One auto maker's commercial during the Super Bowl has people across the nation talking, especially those in Nebraska.

"So God Made a Farmer." It's a 1978 speech Paul Harvey gave at an FFA convention in Kansas City. Sunday night, those words were heard again, making some local farmers stop in their tracks.

The audience was different but the speech was the same; detailing the hardships, triumphs and realities of rural life.

It's a commercial that made some local farmers stop and reflect.

"We all have role models in our lives and that's what it reminded me of. My grandfathers, one I never met but just heard about," said David Grimes, a local farmer.

"It was a very stark contrast to what you would normally see in the Super Bowl. It's one of those things you had to stop and watch and it made you think a little bit," said Todd Reed, a local farmer.

But there was one line in particular that seemed to stand out.

"A lot of relatives were school board members and talked about meetings that would go till midnight. They would still have to come home and do chores and take care of their families," said Reed.

These farmers say it was more than a commercial. They felt it was a direct thank you.

"It was incredible they would spend that kind of money, $4 million, to advocate for one profession in the country," said Reed.

"I'm grateful. I really appreciate that recognition. I guess I think what I do is important or else I wouldn't do it," said Grimes.

Both men attest, farming isn't easy but it's a job they wouldn't trade in.

"I think I've been blessed with a good life. I'm happy with what I do," said Grimes.

"A lot of farmers talk about it being in your blood. Something inside of you. Farming is something you're just drawn to," said Reed.

Harvey's speech is more than 30 years old and while technology has changed the way farming is done, both Grimes and Reed say it's the hard work that will always stay the same.