Communities React to Hoax Charges

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A number of people from the LGBT community aren't focused on whether this case is a hoax or not. They're all about moving forward.

In the days following Rogers' reported attack, communities across Nebraska gathered for vigils, raising money and joining together against hate.

New evidence that the attack was a hoax has some supporters wanting answers.

"I think it's challenging for this not to impact people. I think some people will be upset, confused. Some will understand with compassion and support for an individual who might do this. Others will use it to justify their current attitudes they already have," said Pat Tetreault, Director of the LGBTQA Resource Center at UNL.

Changing those attitudes. It's why members of the LGBT community come together, no matter the circumstance.

Ashley Moffat sees Rogers' case as an opportunity to help others.

"This encourages me, in terms of making sure that anyone who would suffer in this way feels comfortable. I want them to feel safe in Lincoln," said Moffat.

Some worry people across the country will use this isolated event to judge all the others.

"Hopefully people keep an open mind and judge each situation on its own merits. They need to have compassion. Whenever anything bad happens, hopefully we can deal with it an appropriate and caring way," said Tetreault.