Community Responds to Help Salvation Army with Thanksgiving Dinners

Monday night we told you the Salvation Army ran out of turkeys and had to shut its doors.

In the last 24-hours, you responded donating hundreds of turkeys for to people have a Thanksgiving meal.

Nick Bock and his co-workers were some of the many who answered that call.

Bock told 10/11, "A bunch of people dropped checks off in my office so we all brought them down to donate money."

And after finding out the Salvation Army needed more help, they skipped their own Thanksgiving lunch at work and offered to help.

Bock said, "We're back here putting together the bags and having a great time."

It's that attitude that has Captain Jamie Pennington overwhelmed.

Capt. Jamie Pennington said, "Seeing the generosity of the community and people come out, it's great."

His words come one day after the Salvation Army had to close after running out of more than 200 turkeys in 40 minutes.

But Tuesday afternoon, it was a different story. With a line out the door, they didn't have to turn anyone away and were able to give families a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

Pennington told 10/11, "It's great to see the generosity of the people in the community responding, often times they don't know about the need, but once they find out they respond, it's overwhelming."

Volunteer Brandon Grady added, "I can see people with a smile on their face, knowing that they're walking away with a meal to feed their family on Thanksgiving."

The Salvation Army still plans to give out Thanksgiving dinners Wednesday. They also continue to ask for volunteers and donations.