Conference Tours Company Making Big Ag Manufacturing Changes

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Dennis and Lisa Reisinger say they took the smaller ag education seminars they've coordinated and made it bigger for Grand Island's first ever ag outlook conference.

They say a variety of presenters talking about everything from ethanol to markets to quality make a better ag conversation.

"We've had panel discussions where we put a panel together of a number of different sectors and have them talk amongst each other and with the audience about some of the issues that they see," says Lisa Reisinger, Marketing Director for Agriculture Education and Conferences.

But they're not just talking about the farm side of the industry.

A tour of Global Industries - a grain bin and grain handling equipment maker in Grand Island - gave conference attendees a look at improvements happening in ag manufacturing.

"As a manufacturer we're looking to have the best quality and to be able to have the equipment that's needed on farms as they get larger and agriculture as it gets larger and more sophisticated," says Dan Faltine, President of the MFS Division of Global Industries.

The company says they're also leading the way with on-site research that lets them test their bins themselves instead of testing it through a customer.

"Global Industries has their research and development center which allows Global to be able to test products and train our people for all the different divisions products," says Faltine. "It allows us to bring products to markets much quicker."

And educating producers about those kind of industry changes it what conference organizers say will keep Nebraska ag competitive.