Confusion Over Campaign Advertising

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Some constituents and politicians are concerned about some campaign advertising materials.

Advertising, in the form of flyers and phone call recordings, is arriving at many homes in the southern part of Lincoln. They're from the campaign of District 29 candidate, Kate Bolz.

The advertising cites two former state senators that are actually endorsing her opponent, Larry Zimmerman.

Bolz tells 10/11 News that she is actually complimenting Senator Tony Fulton and former Senator Mike Foley.

"Those messages are complimentary and I would hope that both Senator Fulton and former Senator Foley would take them as such," said Bolz.

Foley and Fulton both say that they did not give permission to be cited in her campaign materials.

"I'm concerned that Kate Bolz, who is running for the legislative seat that I once held, is using what I call 'slight of hand tactics' by publishing my name in her campaign literature and making thousands of phone calls into the legislative district, using my name, telling people that she knows me," said Foley.

The literature cites the two men in a quote that appeared on NET Television regarding child welfare.

The phone message said that Bolz wants to serve the district as well as Foley and Fulton did.

The voters will ultimately decide who will represent District 29 on November 6th.