Construction Workers Battle The Heat

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LINCOLN, Neb. Casey Lenners takes his job seriously. As Safety Director at Sampson Construction, he always has his hands full, but especially on days like today when the heat is beating down on his construction workers.

Summer is a prime time for construction in Lincoln since the weather makes it easier for workers to get more work done.

But Lenners explains that it is always a battle against the heat, which is why he is taking precautionary measures with safety.

"When it's hot, we'll adjust the worker hours. If they need to, they can come in early," said Lenners.

On very hot days, Lenners explains that they will have workers come in earlier in the morning when it's cool and then he'll have them leave mid-afternoon.

"Sometimes, they are stubborn...they don't want to leave things over night," said Lenners.

Lenners also checks a mobile app on his phone to look at temperature, humidity and dew points.

"You put in the temperature and the humidity and you hit calculate and then it will give you a heat index. So at 93 degrees, 44% humidity which is right now outside it is a 97.4% heat index with a risk index of moderate," said Lenners.

Workers should take breaks.And keeping them hydrated is definitely part of the equation.

"If you walk the job site, you'll see there's a water cooler full of water and Gatorade for the guys."

The company even has "Squincher Zero" all over their RV. It's a powdered packet that can be put into water to help refuel workers with electrolytes, helping them to recover faster.

The director also meets with workers every Friday at their "Toolbox Safety Meeting" to gauge how they are feeling and remind them about heat exhaustion.

His workers aren't complaining about spending their time on safety.

Jeremy Scwaneeck who works at Sampson Construction said he feels it's necessary."I think it's a good thing."