Scammers Targeting USPS Customers By Phone

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There's a new type of postal fraud to watch out for. The Grand Island Post Office said recently many customers have come in saying they received phone calls from the USPS.

Post office sales and customer service associate Scott Carlson has helped many of the customers. He said the customers said they were given a six-digit number and told they had a package waiting for them at the post office. Customers were also given a number to call back if the post office told them they didn't have their package. That, Carlson noted, is when the scammers would try to solicit personal information.

Post office employees want to remind people to be cautious of scammers, especially during the busy holiday season.

"There's the opportunity for it. More people are busy and maybe not quite suspecting that something might not be right. They might be expecting to receive packages in the mail so receiving this phone call may seem normal. But once again we ask our customers to just double check with us," Carlson said, noting that the USPS would never call customers about a package.