Consumers Hit the Stores to Exchange Christmas Gifts

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It's one of the busiest days of the year for returning holiday gifts, but retail stores say they haven't seen an over abundant amount returns this year.

Shoppers once again hit the stores before the new year.

"We had a toy that just wasn't working right so we got another one to see if it would work better," said shopper Bethany Vance.

This time it's about exchanging not buying.

"We returned a PS3 charger it was just the wrong unit so we went back and got a different one," said shopper Theresa McCarthy.

The National Retail Federation estimates shoppers returned one of every 10 Christmas gifts last year and predicts that rate to increase this year, but the Grand Island Kmart isn't seeing a heavy flow of returns.

"We've seen them the last few weeks it seems like there have been more returns before the holidays," said Store Manager Joe Glesar.

Glesar says you just don't see the peaks like in years past.

"We've been to a couple of places and the lines have been a lot shorter than I thought they would be," said Vance.