Convenience Store Robberies Up 31% in 2013

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2013 was the year of convenience store robberies.

"In 2012 we had 20, in 2013 we had 29. That is a 31 percent increase," said Officer Shane Winterbauer with Lincoln police.

Police can't pinpoint a reason for the major increase. The crimes happened throughout the year, with at least one in every month.
There was a major spike in October. That is also the month William Deets was arrested for a robbery at the U-Stop at 2925 NW 12th Street.
Police say Deets demanded money at knifepoint, but was caught fleeing with cash. Officers are still investigating his possible connection to a spree of these robberies.
He certainly isn't responsible for them all. The crimes were spread out across Lincoln and the suspects have a variety of descriptions. Some used a knife, others a gun.
One thing is for sure, police want to catch the criminals and stop the trend.

"It's obviously a concern when you see an increase, especially a dramatic one like 31 percent. Officers are aware and are doing what they can to eliminate it from happening. Whether it be beat management or checking stores at night, or just sitting parking lots," said Winterbauer.

All crimes have unexpected peaks and valleys and this may just be a short lived spurt, but unfortunately the trend has spread into 2014. There have already been 3 robberies this year.

If you have any information on any of the robberies call Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600

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