Corrections: Recalculated Prison Sentences to Cost More than $4 Million

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- The Department of Corrections said recalculated prison sentences for 567 Nebraska inmates are going to cost the state $4 million dollars during the next 10 years.

Assuming all inmates will remain incarcerated until their mandatory discharge dates, the cost will be $4,134,705 through 2024.

Nebraska Corrections said many of these recalculations will have no impact on the department.

For example, one inmate, who was admitted in February 2013, had a mandatory discharge date of year 2167. A new discharge date was recalculated to the year 2177, but by this time, said inmate would have been 215 years old.

In a letter addressed to the legislative fiscal office, the NDCS said the full impact of these recalculation aren't realized until 50 years from now (in 2064) and become more speculative.

There are also 20-25 inmates released from prison that will need to be returned to fulfill recalculated sentences. The NDCS said there are 15 inmates who have been or will be turned to prison to serve an additional six months to four and a half years each. The fiscal impact to the NDCS will be $159,594.

There are 13 inmates who were returned to RFP status to complete an additional one to eight months each for a fiscal impact of $21,636.

Finally, the letter also said there are four inmates who are currently incarcerated for a new crime.