Could Farm Bill Hang on Fiscal Cliff?

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Could the 2012 Farm Bill, now in limbo, become part of the current negotiations over the Fiscal Cliff in Washington, DC.?

Republican Senator Mike Johanns thinks it's possible.

"If negotiators are looking for somewhere around 25 to 30 billion dollars in savings, I know where they can get it. They can go to the Farm Bill because the Senate version cut about 25 billion; the House Ag Committee version cut about 30 billion out of the Farm Bill, so there's money there to be saved."

Right now both political parties are at odds over how to come to a compromise over the Fiscal Cliff, which some fear could thrust the nation into another recession if scheduled tax increases and spending cuts kick in next year.

Part of the battle is finding items to cut.

Of course there's no guarantee the 2012 Farm Bill will be included in any future negotiations, but there's clearly a possibility at least for now, albeit slim.

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