Councilman Gene Carroll Responds to Negative Ads

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Gene Carroll is running for a second term in the spring election for Lincoln City Council. He says his first term has been great.

"It's been going really well, as far as the city of Lincoln where economic development is strong,” said Carroll. “We're doing really well. Lots of jobs have been created in the last four years."

However, recent ads put forward by the group "Citizens for a Better Lincoln" say the opposite.

The ads criticize Carroll for increasing property taxes.

Spokesman for the group Perry Pirsch released a statement that says the following:

"He went on record to deny he was going to raise anyone taxes, and stated he favored property tax relief. He then voted in support of raising property taxes, wheel taxes, and sales taxes."

Gene Carroll says he stands by his choice.

"When there was a tough decision to make, I made it for the best interest of the city of Lincoln and that's the protection of public safety."

Carroll says the group, with funds from Councilman Jon Camp and candidate for City Council Mark Whitehead is trying to steal the election by bringing in outside money.

"I'm the incumbent, and their radio ads are directly attacked at me-- nobody else. That's what they're spending their money on."

The statement from Citizens for a Better Lincoln says the group's mission expands further than one individual.

"Gene Carroll is not the single focus of citizens for a better Lincoln; it was formed for a much broader purpose: To elect fiscally conservative candidates and to hold politicians accountable for their campaign promises."