Councilman Says His Property is Not a Problem

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Lincoln Police said it's common to find squatters in the vacant house at 25th and O Street.

But, the Lincoln City Councilman who owns the property assured the public, the home is not creating any danger.

A grandmother and grandson were found living in the house with no heat and no running water, among their own waste.

Tuesday, 10/11 News uncovered documents showing Councilman Gene Carroll owns the property.

He said it's not a problem property.

"If you would check with the city of Lincoln there's been no complaint once about this property in 25 years," Carroll said.

It's Councilman Gene Carroll's opinion even though Lincoln Police said his house is a hot spot for squatters.

"I'm a city council member and everybody's looking to me about it," Carroll said.

The news came the same week he announced his bid for re-election.

Now, he's cleaning up the mess, literally.

"I've had the property sealed up and right now that's about all I can do," Carroll said.

One of the charges of the city, and Carroll as a councilman, is to rid Lincoln of problem properties.

Now, he's boarding up so people won't look to his property for room and board.

"The property has been sealed and locked up for nobody to get in to," Carroll said. "If somebody is going to break in, they're going to really have to struggle to get inside the building."

He said he intends to demolish the property by the end of winter.

In the meantime, he checks on it everyday.