Couple Happy to Be Back Home After Cruise Ship Disaster

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It's welcome home for the Pearsons.

Jim and Jeanne Pearson of Lincoln were on that Carnival Triumph cruise that turned into a floating disaster.

On Saturday night they returned from Mobile, Alabama, and to say they are a bit tired is an understatement of gigantic proportions.

"I was really very scared, " said Jeanne Pearson. "It's so good to see family," added her husband, Jim.

It was quite an ordeal to say the least. The couple described having no air conditioning or running water and smoke filled rooms. And Jim said that even the bathrooms were out of commission. They had to use a bag instead.

Jim showed us pictures on his phone of the perils they faced including sleeping on the deck, "...because of the sewage backup that completely covered our floor," he said.

The Pearsons say it was their faith, prayers and a bonding with complete strangers that helped them get through the ordeal.

The couple says they are not planning to sue Carnival, but they are getting reimbursed, plus some cash. They say they do have some nice memories before the mess happened.

As for another cruise? For Jim and Jeanne, that ship has sailed.