Court: Ex-trooper's Pension Can't Be Garnished

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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- A former Nebraska State Trooper convicted of sexually assaulting an underage girl won't have to pay his pension to the victim's father.

The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled Friday that a 2012 law which would have allowed the garnishment was unconstitutional special legislation because it only applied to six crimes.

Billy Hobbs was convicted in 2006 and sentenced to up to 30 years in prison. The girl's father sued Hobbs on her behalf, and was awarded $325,000.

Court records say Hobbs is receiving more than $3,700 a month while in prison, with more than $1,800 going to his ex-wife as part of their divorce.

A judge rejected the father's request to use the rest of the money to pay off the civil judgment, ruling that Hobbs' retirement assets were exempt.