Rollover Crash Traps Three in Creek Bed Near Pleasant Dale

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Officials believe crash victims were lucky to be able to call for help after rolling into a creek, almost completely out of sight from the roadway.

The first call to 911 came in just before 12:30 Tuesday morning. The driver reported she had hit a bridge and rolled her car on West Pioneers somewhere west of SW. 98th Street. She was not sure of her exact location. Lancaster and Seward County Deputies started searching the area.

According to Seward County Deputy Ron Down, another call from the driver helped to better identify their location. The wrecked car was found in a creek just east of 168th on West Pioneers Road, about five miles south of Pleasant Dale.

Down said the westbound car appears to have lost control after hitting loose gravel. The out of control car slid sideways hitting the end of a bridge and rolled landing on its wheels. The car jammed between the walls of a creek and hidden by tall foliage.

Rescuers at the scene said it was really lucky that the people in the car were able to call for help. Passing cars would not have seen the car, even during daylight.

Pleasant Dale Assistant Fire Chief Roger Michaelis said when they arrived, they were able to free the three people from the car. Michaelis said being jammed inside the creek bed walls made it difficult to get them out.

All three occupants were transported to Seward Memorial Hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Deputy Down said it appears alcohol may be a factor in the crash and they are continuing their investigation.