Crete Schools Addresses Incident with Alleged Sex Offender

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Monday, 10/11 News dug deeper after rumors that an accused sex offender was invited into Crete Schools.

It's a story 10/11 News first broke Friday.

It happened last week at Crete High School where the alleged victim attends school.

Now, Crete Public Schools has issued a statement.

It says the safety of students is top priority.

This came just days after one student's parents spoke out and said their child doesn't feel safe at school.

Crete Public Schools Superintendent Kyle McGowan wrote 10/11 News, "the school district appropriately reported the incident and continues to fully cooperate with local law enforcement."

This came after gruesome accusations and a broken court order.

Records share more than 10/11 News can air on television.

They say, he began touching her and another time restrained her.

Those are all accusations 52-year-old Chad Eggebraaten will face in court this November.

But the alleged victim, a teenage girl, did not expect to face her attacker before then, especially at school.

Court documents show Eggebraaten can't come in contact with anyone younger than 15-years-old, specifically the victim.

Her family told 10/11 News, Eggebraaten broke the order and entered Crete High School with the principal's knowledge who also knew about the sexual assault charges.

"We want her to be brave and that she hasn't done anything wrong," the victim's mother told 10/11 News Friday.

Superintendent McGowan said, "The October 2nd incident involving an alleged sex offender's participation in a high school field trip and the related personnel issues have been investigated by the district and disciplinary action has been taken."

Now, the district said it's taking steps to protect students.

The statement reads, "We take all safety issues seriously and are committed to protecting all students and providing a safe and supportive learning environment."

10/11 News did attempt to contact Chad Eggebraaten and did not receive a call back.