Crews Prepare for Uncle Sam Jam Firework Show

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Preparations are now underway to get ready for Lincoln's Biggest Firework Show and it's going to take crews a total of 17 hours to setup the 22 minute show.

Black canisters hold the powerful shells and mortars which will be fired off over Oak Lake Park Thursday, July 3rd.

"These are actually explosives, their not commercial fireworks, they actually detonate versus burn," said Pyrotechnic John Stubbs.

Stubbs has been setting up the Annual Uncle Sam Jam Firework Show in Lincoln for the past 12 years and showed us how his crew gets all those fireworks off the ground in coordination with the music.

"This is our firing board, this is what actually ignites the fireworks. Hit each cue, go down the list and fire each cue in sequence with the music," said Stubbs.

That board keys the firing of over 300 sequences of fireworks and sends power to an electric match which shoots off each of their fireworks.

"Mix of everything in here, from cascading fireworks to loud boomers, we're hoping to put a lot of air under everybody's seats," said Stubbs.

With a full two days of setting up and wiring needed for the show, it's the payoff from fans afterwards makes all of the hard work worth every it.

"Our biggest reward is actually hearing the audience reaction at the end of the show, hearing everybody cheering and clapping," said Stubbs.