Crimestoppers: Cooperative Thieves

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For thieves stealing alone can be profitable, but there are circumstances where multiplayer works better than playing solo.
Take for example two suspects caught on tape at the N 27th Walmart and the Target at 48th and R.

The first suspect went into Walmart. He wasn't after magic coins, but a different kind of loot. He bought a new Playstation 4, leaving in a gray or silver van.

The same van was caught on camera at target. But this time it was a different person looking for a power up, buying another Playstation 4 on the same stolen card.

The pair also hit G and G Smokeshop and spent almost $200 at Family Dollar near 24th and N before the card was denied and it was game-over.

The victim in this case had no idea anything was wrong until it was too late.

If you recognize these cooperative criminals you're asked to call Crimestoppers at 475-3600 and put a stop to their fun and games.