Crimestoppers: Shoplifting in Style

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Shoplifting is an ongoing problem for Lincoln Police. From cough syrup to clothing, they say people will steal anything.

In this weeks Crimestoppers, Lincoln Police need your help tracking down shoplifters who make bold decisions with their clothing.

Police are looking for two men who went on a booze run, but forgot to pay for their drinks.

On October 30th, just before nine p.m. Lincoln Police Officer Shane Winterbauer says the men entered the CVS Pharmacy at 38th and O. He says the suspect, wearing a fur aviator hat, grabbed two bottles of 1800 Tequila Reserve and walked out the door.

"The black man in the aviator hat selected one bottle of tequila and put it in his pants pocket. He then selected a second bottle and put that in his jacket pocket," Winterbauer said.

Police are also looking for an "angry" thief.

Winterbauer says a woman wearing a red Angry Birds sweatshirt went on a shoplifting spree at the North 84th street Wal-Mart on January 3rd. He says she picked up a jacket, socks, fleece top, nasal spray, cough syrup and lip balm before trying to jet out the door.

Winterbauer says employees confronted her, but she flew the coop.

"She got into the passenger seat of a blue Honda vehicle with Nebraska plates. A short time later, the vehicle returned to the parking lot and the female was seen dumping the items into the parking lot and leaving," Winterbauer said.

On January 7th, Winterbauer says another woman was spotted, shoplifting from Kohls, near 84th and O street. She was wearing a bright, teal headband.

Winterbauer says she picked up a pair of Nike sweat pants, a men's tie and a tank top.

It's the unique outfits police hope will help identify the suspects.

"There's not too many people walking around wearing these items, specifically the angry birds sweatshirt. Not too many people own aviator type hats. The uniqueness about the Kohls is the fact that she was wearing bright clothing," Winterbauer said.

Case #B2-104441