Crimestoppers Tip Leads to Lincoln Drug Bust

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The Lincoln Narcotics Task Force have arrested a 57-year-old man after they found more than 23 pounds of marijuana in his apartment.

Gary Tarrence was arrested Tuesday night after Narcotics Task Force members received a Crimestoppers tip. The anonymous tip indicated that Tarrence had marijuana hiding in a fridge and large amounts of cash.

Around 7 p.m. an officer arrived at an apartment in the 2400 Block C Street. After an initial search the officer found a small amount of pot and a bong. When the officer asked about the fridge, Tarrence handed him two bags with more than a pound of marijuana.

Tarrence denied that he had any more drugs, but did allow the officer to search his apartment. More than 23 pounds of pot and $5,800 in cash was discovered.

Part of the Crimestoppers tip also led officers to search a second home in the 800 Block South 39th Street, just two blocks from Randolph Elementary. The home belonged to a relative of Tarrence. Investigators found $223,500 in cash, nine firearms and a coin collection.

Tarrence was lodged for possession with intent to deliver, possession of a firearm during drug violation, and possession of money during drug violation.

Police say no one else was arrested.

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