LPD Looking For Person Stealing Delivered Packages

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Lincoln Police are looking for the grinch who stole Christmas.

Delivery trucks cruising neighborhoods dropping off holiday packages is a common sight as the holiday approach. But thieves could be lurking close behind.

Officer Matt Tangen, of the Lincoln Police Department, says, "By the time the person got home, they learned the package had been stolen from their front porch. We had a case Monday, a case Tuesday and a case Wednesday."

Lincoln Police say they're investigating three cases where a package was taken from the owner's porch. Ridge Road, Lexington Avenue and Francis Street have all been targets. And there could be more.

Tangen says, "Maybe there's even packages which have already been stolen but the victims just hasn't discovered it yet, maybe they're still expecting it to come."

Requiring a signature upon delivery is only one way to prevent this from happening to you.

Tangen says, "Maybe have it sent to your place of work so you know somebody will receive it or maybe to a friend or relative in town you know who's home during the daytime so they can receive it so there may be some options there."

Even if you decide have the package delivered while you're not home, most delivery companies allow you to track it.

Tangen says, "It's always a good idea to follow your tracking history close. Most cases, you can do that on your computer and then you'll know right away if it's been reported to be delivered."

Tips that will hopefully prevent you from becoming the next victim.

You can call crimestoppers at 475-3600.

You can also leave an anonymous tip on-line at lincolncrimestoppers.com.