Customers Brave Chilly Temperatures for One Last Tastee

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Burger fans will have to find a new place to go when it comes to all things meat, that's because Lincoln Landmark Tastee Inn is officially closing it's doors after 65 years.

The fast food hotspot known for it's "tastees", fries, and onion chips served the last of it's customers today after days of selling out and closing early.

Since the restaurant suddenly announced they were closing last week, they've been flooded with customers trying to get one last bite of their Tastee favorites. Die-hard Tastee fans even showed up with the original recipes in hand to show their support, and started lining up as early as 7 a.m. Saturday morning to get their fix. Many say the best item on the menu is a no-brainer.

"The onion chips," said James LaPointe, who has the original recipes. "With these recipes I can make the tastees really good, and I can make the onion dip really good, but onion chips can only be made by them."

Tastee's usually opens at 10:30 a.m, but had to open an hour early Saturday morning to meet the needs of Linconites waiting for their last chance to eat at the fast food joint. While many love the food, most say it's the memories that will be missed. Phyllis Happel has been coming to Tastee Inn since the 1950s, and says she's sad to see it go.

"Everytime I come up 48th, I try and pop in here no matter what time it is, so it's going to really be sad for me," said Happel.

Tastee employee, Tom Mehan, told 1011 the restaurant was supposed to close Sunday, but due to the volume of customers, they were no longer able to keep up with order and decided to close a day early. Mehan says for their last day on the job, the restaurant ordered double the buns, meat, and potatoes to try and feed as many of their loyal customers as possible.