Cutting Edge Cardiac Hybrid Operating Suite Available in Lincoln

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It's almost like a one stop shop for cardiac patients. Nebraska Heart Hospital's hybrid operating suite.

"This is truly what it takes. If you were going to perform cardiac surgery or cardiology in the best place available, you would want to have it in this area," Cardiac Surgeon, Dr James Wudel said.

This operating room meets needs by combining minimally invasive and interventional surgery with medical imaging. Surgeons work side by side with cardiologist and radiology is right in the operating room

This innovative suite redefines Lincoln's cardiac and vascular care, merging the quality imaging of a traditional catheterization lab with the sterile environment of an operating room. These components, along with additional space and superior technology, will afford patients the finest in interventional and surgical treatment.

"When things don't go as planned in the cath lab, you have to stop, get a surgeon in urgently and move the patient over to an operating room. With this kind of room, you don't have to move the patient and it saves time. Those second become critical," Cardiologist, Dr. Steven Martin said.

The room is not only a third larger than most operation rooms, but it houses the latest technology. It also has several cameras doctors use for better patient care.

"By combing some of those procedures in this once suite, it allows those patients to recover faster, get out of the hospital faster and actually allow them to do some of their things less invasively. They feel better over all," Anesthesiologist, Dr. Joe Perry said.

As technology advances, demand for these hybrid rooms is growing. The hybrid suite helps keep Nebraska Heart Hospital at the forefront.

The first surgery in the suite is scheduled for January 21st.