Downtown Lincoln Cyclists Concerned for Safety

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- It's difficult to avoid the construction in Downtown Lincoln. Bicyclists say it's a hazard that puts both them and drivers in danger.

Aaron Repp, a delivery man for Jimmy John's, uses downtown streets everyday. So, there are obstacles he needs to overcome: going through alleys, avoiding confused drivers navigating their way through construction, and orange cones, --some blocking the bike lanes.

"It hinders us all," said Repp.

Cyclist Aaron Chambers said he slipped on the paint used by construction workers, he's thankful his injuries were minor but says the problem is deeper.

"Because of the construction on 14th street, that displaces and confuses a lot of motorists that don't know what lanes they're going to be in," he said.

Both Repp and Chambers hope that when the city finishes its projects, there will be more routes for cyclists to use safely.

Chamber believes Mayor Beutler supports the cycling community, and it's up to the bikers themselves to keep the city informed.