DHHS Proposes Change in Day Care Assistance

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Lincoln, NE--
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is proposing changes to a day care system, designed to save taxpayers money.

A proposal by the Department of Health and Human Services offers a change to the current waiver system where some parents with disabled children, currently receiving Medicaid assistance, also get assistance with day care.

One proposed change would make sure parents getting day care benefits are actually employed, going to school or actively looking for work.

Danielle Ohlman of Omaha said she has concerns about how the proposal will effect her family and that it may force her to spend some of her limited income, on day care.

According to Ohlsen, her 12-year-old son, Logan has a disability and she relies on the current waiver system to help her with Logan's day care. At present, the system does not consider income as a criteria for issuing the waiver. However, Ohlsen says when she read the proposal she thought DHHS will soon look into her salary.

DHHS told 10/11 News they want to ensure parents getting benefits are employed and income does not matter.

"Well, I guess the first thing is I don't understand what they're going to propose," said Ohlsen.

The proposed change, according to DHHS is designed to make it cost effective for taxpayers, by keeping a close eye on the money and how it is allocated.

Ohlsen said she is only asking for clarity with the proposal.

The Federal government requires DHHS to go through a review process every five years for each of their programs.

DHHS said this is only a proposal and would only effect a small number of people within the existing program. They emphasize that nothing has been set in stone yet.

Other proposed changes in the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care:

· For adult day health care, add an exception to the four-hour per day service frequency to allow for unplanned situations;
· For non-medical transportation, clarify the specific needs for which transportation will be authorized;
· For all waiver services, remove provisions allowing persons under age 19 to be service providers. All individual providers and provider agency staff directors, representatives, and in-home providers must be at least age 19.

For a full list of proposed changes, visit: http://www.sos.ne.gov/rules-and-regs/regtrack/index.cgi