DHHS Website Geared To Prevent Problem Gambling

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It's part of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services campaign called "Play It Safe". The program's latest endeavor to help prevent addictive gambling is a new website designed to assist problem gamblers and their families .

"I had to call my husband from the casino crying," said Lea Splichal who is a recovering problem gambler. "People don't get help until it's too late, that's the problem. People don't' get help right away."

"Gambling is meant to be recreational but it can be addictive," said Maya Chilese who directs the agency's Gamblers Assistance Program. "There are low risk responsible gambling tips and you can find those on the website at "playitsafe.ne.gov" and you can also find some high risk tips for people to understand how to make sure that you are gambling safely and avoid problem gambling behavior because it can be addictive. As a key tip setting some limitations for yourself on time and money spent would be probably one of the biggest ones."

There are 14 tips from the experts on the website. Splichal's top piece of advice. "Saying I need help but the main factor was that 800 BETS OFF number. That got me to where I needed to be."