Dance Studio Volunteers Time Teaching Kids at City Mission

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Lincoln, NE-- "We wanted to bring dance movement and arts education to youth at the People's City Mission," said Sarah Brown, Co-Owner of Conservatory of Contemporary Dance Studio.

Brown's school of dancers have spent the past two weekends doing just that, volunteering their time with kids at the mission.

Teaching these youths about how healthy and expressive dancing can be.

"Going out into the community is just a part of being an artist, it's not just staying in the studio or going on stage for your own kind of show. We need to engage the community in arts," said Brown.

For the dancers in Brown's school, showcasing their talents and years of hard work to the eager eyes of these children is a rewarding experience.

"Dancers care, they care enough to take time out of their Saturday to show us something that they love to do and it's not for money, it's not for trophies it's just because we want too," said Brown.

It's those efforts, that are allowing these kids to show off their creativity through dance.

"They will always be able to walk away knowing that's something you can do," said Brown.