Dangers of Holiday Lights

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This time of year we warn you of the hazard your Christmas tree presents, but your holiday lights lining your roof can be just as dangerous.

A Christmas light display at one Omaha home overloaded a home's electrical system.

Firefighters were called to the home just before midnight Saturday.

According to investigators an electrical circuit in the garage was overloaded by too many Christmas lights and it caught fire.

"As a general rule, we say 3 light strands per outlet," said Lincoln Fire and Rescue Chief Jeanne Pashalek said. "You can use surge protectors and so on but if you use something like that, follow the recommendations and manufacture guidelines," said Pashalek.

Throw out punctured, kinked, brittle or frayed cords.

And once plugged in, if the cords feel warm throw them away. It's a sign there's a problem.