Lincoln Crisis Pregnancy Center in Major Need of Diaper Donations

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It's been said that some people have trouble accepting change. That doesn't apply to babies. In fact they sort of like being changed. And the people of the Lincoln Crisis Pregnancy Center on 48th and O Streets in Lincoln would like you to change your ways if you have not donated to any organization in a while. They need diaper donations.

"You can see our baskets right here are almost empty. All of our services we give are completely free," said Karissa Vieth, Education Director of the Lincoln Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Those services include free ultra sounds, pregnancy tests, free baby clothes, formula, and of course, diapers. They are needed most.

"All of our support comes from donations. We don't' have any government funding at all, just local community support," said Vieth.

The center needs more support. Diaper donations are low because of a hectic holiday season.

"Around the holidays they are trying to get gifts for their kids and trying to make ends meet. We had several people come in yesterday asking for sizes that we didn't have. It's just hard to send people away. There is no other place they can really go," said Veith.

The Center accepts donations between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m Monday through Friday. Those who need diapers can pick them up on Tuesdays at the center which is located at 4247 O Street in Lincoln.