Day 2 of Grand Island Murder Trial

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Both sides laid out their arguments in the second day of the murder trial of Arkanjelo Kot.

The Hall County Attorney says Walid Omar Aden was trying to get away when he was shot while sitting inside a van parked at the West Second Street Pump and Pantry back in July of 2010.

The defense argues that he was reaching for a weapon.

Kot is accused of shooting Aden following an argument.

On Tuesday jurors heard more about what happened during the shooting. A forensic pathologist says Aden could not have survived the bullet that entered his left hip and exited above his right groin, even if he had been shot in a hospital.

The doctor told jurors Aden was likely moving when the bullet struck him.

Jurors were able to watch surveillance footage from the Pump and Pantry's three cameras. They also heard from a Pump and Pantry clerk and a friend who says he saw Kot the night of the shooting carrying a gun in his backpack.

The trial continues Wednesday morning.