Day of Firsts at Calvert Elementary School

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- It was a milestone for many today in LPS on the first day back to school, and for kindergarten parents that can mean a very emotional day.

At Calvert Elementary they have a Boo Hoo Breakfast to make the day a little bit easier.

They had tissues on hand as well as coffee, donuts and monitors for the parents to see their kids in the classrooms.

Today was the second Boo Hoo breakfast for Mandy Kohmetscher and she says her daughter handled it much better than she did.

"She was ready for me to leave her at the door," says Kohmetscher. "But I wanted to walk her to class."

Kohmetscher says it is definitely harder the second time around.

"I won't be getting to do this again," says Kohmetscher. "Plus I've been an at home mom for about 7 years."

For first time parent Andy Palmquist is is an adjustment.

"The summer went by really quick, it's going to be a little weird." says Palmquist.

Palmquist is not worried about his son, he says it is much easier for him than it is for he and his wife.

The firsts didn't stop there. It was the first day at a new job for some of the staff at Calvert including Principal Jeff Brehm who says he is turning to the teachers for advice.

"I'm really relying on them to help me learn," says Brehm. "They're my teachers right now."

Even some of the teachers are brand new, like Maggie Keller.
Keller says she is excited and ready for anything.

"Just go with the flow, and just make them feel comfortable," says Keller. "Because not everything is going to go according to plan.

Keller says even at for first grade parents it can be hard to say bye on the very first day.

"I'm expecting them to be nervous, there might be some tears but that is expected." says Keller. "I know i cried on my first day of first grade."