Dealing with Holiday Depression

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Not everyone feels comfort and joy this time of the year. For some, the season brings about feelings of despair.

In an online poll at, nearly 40% of those responding, reported feelings of depression this holiday season.

Sandy Lutz of Aging Partners says it's important to take that sense of sadness seriously. "Depression is a very serious condition, the early signs of depression are often overlooked," said Lutz, who adds that if depression remains untreated, it can progress to a condition that can be fatal.

According to Lutz, some of the strongest signs of suffering include changes in behavior. "If they are just outside of their regular routine, that is a strong sign that they may be depressed," said Lutz.

Lutz says when it comes to beating the blues, early treatment is key, and reaching out to friends, family or your physician can help alleviate that sense of sadness. She also recommends removing expectations of perfection. "It sets us all up, so removing that expectation of perfection and being happy with what is, that can really help," said Lutz.