Debate: Allowing Teachers To Have Guns in Classrooms

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Lincoln, NE-- Senator Mark Christensen says the best way to protect Nebraska children in the future is more freedom.

“To create a new advance permit to carry concealed hand gun in a school,” Christensen said.

His bill, LB 879, would allow local school governments the option to choose whether their administration would carry a concealed hand gun.

“I believe an alternative for schools who can’t afford police enforcement," Christensen said.

For schools choosing ‘yes,’ those carrying the weapon would require 24 hour training by the Nebraska State Patrol. The goal is to equip school administrators on how to use the gun in an active shooting situation.

At the hearing Friday afternoon, there were equal numbers for those in support and opposed. Those against the bill say it’s not the teacher’s responsibility to act as law enforcement.

“We should leave carrying deadly weapons up to trained law enforcement and teachers are trained to teach," Jay Siers, an opponent of the bill, said, "and that’s what they should do.”

“The sooner we can have well trained good guys with guns respond to stop the armed bad guys," Rodney Moller, a proponent, said, "the more children we will save. It’s that simple."

Ernie Chambers, a member of the Judiciary committee, said that the bill might not be a good idea. Chamber said a day total of training is not enough.

Christensen said that’s exactly why he’s leaving it up to the local school boards to decide.