Decision on Historic Hall County Courthouse Project Postponed

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- The Hall County Board Of Supervisors postponed coming to a decision on the plans for the historic Hall County Courthouse Tuesday morning. The board is still deciding between plans B1 and B3 or they could potentially scrap those plans and go back to the drawing board.

After a long discussion, only three out of seven supervisors voiced they liked the plan for B1. Just one person short of being able to put the plan in action.

"I'm very very disappointed. We've been talking about this for well over a year and a half, we've been working on this... We hired experts in the field to assist us. We've paid them good money and now we're doing nothing again," said Bob McFarland, the District 5 Supervisor.

The board was hoping to get the four votes needed to move forward Tuesday.

"We're going to go back and look at new options before we can come up with four people who can agree," said Pamela Lancaster, the District 4 Supervisor.

"It would be an addition to the safety center building, the courthouse annex if you will. And then it would be connected to the courthouse via corridor," said McFarland.

Even though both Lancaster and McFarland are fans of the B1 plan, they both said they will keep an open mind about new ideas. The board is unsure when a decision will be made.

The board agreed to only move forward with plans to install a heating and air conditioning system a supervisor says it will be on the agenda in the near future.