Delay in State Tax Refunds for Some Nebraskans

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The month of March isn't just for watching basketball, you can also get your taxes done during a time where tax preparers tend to be less busy than February or April.

Tim Eklund of Liberty Tax Service says a good reason to get a jump start on your taxes is that some are seeing delays in receiving tax refunds from the State of Nebraska.

Eklund says glitches in Nebraska's new software are behind the delays. "We're seeing delays in electronic files of the state return being accepted by them. We're working through those bugs. Some state returns get accepted, some get rejected," said Eklund.

Eklund says he's gone as far as contacting folks with the state to try to help his customers get their state refunds back as quickly as possible. "We're working diligently with the State of Nebraska and I've had some email correspondence with the chief developer there."

So what can you do to get your refund - if you're owed one - back more quickly? Eklund says there's not a lot you can do but he says it helps to file earlier.