Deputies Find $25,000 of Marijuana During Traffic Stop

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Lancaster County Sheriff's deputies find $25,000 of marijuana during a traffic stop.

Deputies stopped the SUV that Stanley Burt of California was driving around 11:30 Tuesday night. His passenger, Tynesha Kethchum is from Arizona.

Authorities say they were speeding on I-80.

The deputy noticed an odor of marijuana. He searched the SUV and found 4.66 pounds of high grade medical marijuana. Sheriff Terry Wagner says it's worth $5,000 a pound.

"This deputy just came out of our narcotics task force. He is probably more familiar with the high grade medical marijuana than some other deputies might be that is coming out of these states. Very good job getting that dope off the streets," Sheriff Terry Wagner said.

Burt and Ketchum were booked in the Lancaster County jail for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.