Despite Battered Village, Beaver Crossing Holds Annual Celebration

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Nearly three months have passed since two tornadoes stormed through the Village of Beaver Crossing, but that wouldn't stop the community from holding their annual celebration.

Despite a new location, Beaver Daze 2014 had all the sights and sounds as usual Saturday, including a bouncy house, mini golf, a flag disposal ceremony and of course, a delicious RibFest competition.

"It's very important to the town to be able to do this," said Eric White. "We need something to bring joy."

White started cooking ribs at Beaver Daze seven years ago, he hasn't won yet but says that wasn't what Saturday was about.

"It seems like today we can just kind of sit back and reflect and see everybody together safe and sound," he said.

After the Mother's Day storm hit Beaver Crossing, the Chamber of Commerce was contemplating canceling the annual event, but people from the community, including Ann Collingham, volunteered their time to make it happen.

"Usually they plan months and months in advance, we did this in six weeks," said Collingham. "It's so important to be able to get them together and kind of just
get their minds off of what was a very hard summer."

In past years, Beaver Daze were held at the park, but due to remaining damage and safety concerns, it was moved to the downtown area on Dimery St.

Organizers say this didn't have a huge impact on attendance, but the downside was the limited amount of shade because of missing trees form the storm.

All of the proceeds are going back to the Village of Beaver Crossing. The Chamber of Commerce will then distribute it to the community. There are talks about the money being put toward a new park.

The village is still taking donations.