Director: 'We Are Reorganizing Relaunching Housing Authority'

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Wednesday night 10/11 North Platte brought you the story of two former employees who reported a potential tenant with an active warrant for child sex assault to police.

Thursday 10/11's Adam Uhernik followed up and found out the Board of Directors of the North Platte Housing Authority commissioned their legal counsel to study the facts.

They reported to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD the Director followed the federal guidelines and policies exactly right.

The two employees were terminated with cause.

Recently 1011's Adam Uhernik sat down with the Executive Director and she says she defends her position, and wants to take the organization in a positive direction.

"We are going to relaunch and reorganize Housing Authority that has more compassion in the kind of work we do and how we treat people," said Executive Director JD Bennett.

Bennett says that hasn't always been the case.

"I would say, yes, there have been things here that are below a level in which any housing authority with the public's money should have done we have not served well," said Bennett.

When she took over as director last May she saw some red flags.

"Have you found where employees in the past have humiliated tenants?" asked Adam Uhernik.

"I've audited files and found things that I didn't find acceptable. We've brought those people in. I've had tenants come in and talk to me about the previous treatment," said Bennett.

Former employees and even some tenants say they've also seen some red flags.

They don't agree with how Bennett is running the organization.

"This lady is on a power streak and she is destroying housing authority as far as I'm concerned," said Former Board Member Savannah Sellers.

Sellers is concerned about this most recent issue.

She says she would've liked to see more of an investigation before former employees Chris and Laurie lost their jobs for reporting a concern about a background check to law enforcement and the board of directors.

"JD should've been relieved of her duties until all this was figured out," said Sellers.

One tenant says she has a problem with the organization not telling the authorities about an applicant with a warrant for child sex assault.

"When we sign up for these we are told you are not supposed to have any records or felonies. So we think as a community these scattered sites should be safe for our children to be around," said Tenant Angela Miller.

Bennett says she is only following the law regarding applicant information.

Information she can't report, and she wouldn't expect any of her employees to break the law either.

"Anybody that doesn't fit into that or doesn't follow the rules or compromises files, or humiliates people won't be employed here," said Bennett.