Disaster Relief Still Weeks Away for Beaver Crossing Residents

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Well over 100 people who live in Beaver Crossing packed into the town's City Hall for a meeting only 8 days after an E-F3 Tornado blew through their town, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage for some people.

"Roof, siding, windows on the inside, all of my outside sheds are gone," said Beaver Crossing resident Robin Butzke.

"A little bit of roof damage, a chimney broke and went onto our car, our envoy, totaled that," said tornado victim Dorine Pulse.

"Roof, carpet, all of the windows on the south side of the house, farming equipment. We had two big sheds totally gone," said Lynn Schernikau.

At the meeting however the City Council unveiled a plan of their own, allowing storm victims to apply for a share of the City's Citizen Donation Fund, bringing financial relief to tornado victims as early as next month.

"Would be very good for them, because some people have lost everything," said Pulse.

"It's going to take a little pressure off of their shoulders, they're going to get to breathe a little bit knowing that they're going to get a little extra money from this," said Butzke.