Divided Response For Lifted Same-Sex Marriage Ban

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- If the Attorney General, Doug Peterson does not get a say from the Court of Appeals same-sex couples would be allowed to get married starting 8 a.m., March 9.

Couples who married in a different state said they cannot wait until their relationship is recognized. Dan Huntley and Ron Royer started dating 16 years ago and got married in Iowa in June 2014.

Huntley and Royer said they felt people looked at their relationship differently, as if it wasn’t legitimate. At this time, they feel a sense of relief since it will be easier to call each other “husband,” because it would be recognized by the law.

But, organizations like Nebraska Catholic Conference said in a statement they don't agree with the judge's decision.

“We are disappointed that Judge Joseph Bataillon granted an injunction today that presumes to nullify what God has written on human hearts since the beginning of time - that marriage is between a man and a woman, and has as one of its principal purposes the procreation and rearing of children. Marriage was established by God before the state and before the Church, and the vitality of both depends on the fruitful union of husband and wife."

"It was appropriate that Judge Bataillon issued a stay of his decision, allowing for immediate legal recourse. Because his decision undermines the fundamental human right of every child to know, and as far as possible, be united with his or her mother and father, we pray for a just resolution in higher courts.“

Nebraska Catholic Conference represents the diocese of Lincoln, Grand Island and Omaha.

It's still unclear if same-sex marriage will actually start on Monday, March 9 since the Attorney General appealed the decision.