Docks Moved & Destroyed From Storms at Harlan County Lake

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HARLAN COUNTY, Neb. -- Storms in south central Nebraska created winds of up to 100 mph according to locals and did a lot of damage.

Docks were blown all over the marina at Patterson Harbor at the Harlan County Lake damaging many boats.

One dock was completely destroyed with others all the way up on shore.

The marina owners said it's going to take a lot to put the pieces back together.

"With the boat damage coupled with our dock damage, had some trailer damages up in the court, I don't think a half million will touch it. It's a lot of damage," Co-owner John Nelson said,

Nelson said the marina was closed Sunday, although some people were able to get their boats in the water.

He said the plan is to open the marina again on Tuesday.

While strong winds like Saturday's are common at the harbor, Nelsen had never seen this much damage before.