Doctor Says Chiropractic Care Benefits Small Children

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One alternative method could be beneficial in helping infants and newborns who have birth trauma, damage that is often as a result of physical pressure or trauma during childbirth.

When Denise Pritchett's son was born he couldn't move his head to both sides. Her pediatrician told her it was because of how her son was laying in her stomach during pregnancy and now treatment was necessary.

"They said to try physical therapy for a few months and we ended up coming to Ryan and he helped us," Pritchett said.

Pritchett took her four month old baby to a chiropractor, a decision that she says helped fix the problem and saved thousands of dollars she would have had to spend on a correction helmet.

"He could move his head to both sides, his head was shaping how it was supposed to before it was two centimeters forward and we ended up not having to put him in a helmet," Pritchett said.

Dr. Ryan Tarnick is a family chiropractor. He says that the birthing process puts so much pressure on an infant's nervous system and spine it can create misalignment causing allergies and neck pain.

"If you notice your baby isn't turning their head both directions or they really favor one side, it's probably because they have pain and have no way of telling you that," Dr. Tarnick said.

Simple manipulation in the right area is what he says could be the necessary quick fix.

"It's just gentle pressure just enough to blanch the finger nail to motion that vertebrae off the nervous system and it helps the body heal the way it should," Dr. Tarnick said.

The procedure only takes a few seconds, but even Pritchet, who now recommends the treatment, says she was nervous when her son was in the hands of a chiropractor for the first time.

"A lot of people think a chiropractor is going to jerk your kid around and crack their backs...but it was absolutely nothing like that," Pritchett said.

This health regimen is something family's, like the Pritchetts, are incorporating into their lives.

"You take your kid to pediatrician when the pediatrician says, you take your kid to the dentist went he dentist says, but for our family we take them to the chiropractor too," Pritchett said.