Dog Given Chance to Live Better Life

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- A local animal rescue group is hoping to give a Nebraska dog a second change with a rare surgery.

Kiara, a pit-bull mix, has two torn ACL's. The first-of-its-kind surgery will cost $5,000 and Paws Up of Nebraska is asking for help from the public to make it happen.

Traci Cooney of Paws Up of Nebraska said the dog was taken in after a man could no longer take care of her. When they took Kiara to the veterinarian, they found she needed two surgeries. The torn ACLs make Kiara bow-legged and uncomfortable.

Cooney said this is a new kind of surgery to repair-and it comes with a high price tag. The surgery involves cutting into the dog's muscle and repairing it with tissues from pig intestines. After the surgery, Kiara will need eight weeks of water therapy to regain her strength and learn to walk again. Then she'll have her second surgery with the same recovery process.

"Any dog deserves happiness and to be pain free, but shes a special little girl," Cooney said.

Kiara is scheduled for surgery Monday. Paws Up of Nebraska has raised $600. They said the surgery will happen either way, but it could mean they won't be able to help as many dogs in the future.