Dog is Reunited with Family After It Went Missing on the 4th of July

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LINCOLN, Neb. The Fourth of July didn't start off so great for one Lincoln family, but ended with a happy ending.

The Clauss family lost their dog Macy after it escaped from their yard at midnight on July 4.

The dog was found later that day around 4 p.m. in the Knolls neighborhood, about four miles from its home.

Don Estes and his neighbor found the dog and looked hard in the area to try and find someone who may have known who Macy belonged to.

Estes and his wife eventually took the dog to Cause for Paws which helps lost dogs.

Adair Sturgis at Cause for Paws took Macy in and began calling around to try and find the owners. Sturgis says when she talked to the Humane Society, they had a match.

Macy was reunited with the Clauss family after being away from them for 36 hours.

During the time she was lost, Macy received a hair cut. It still remains a mystery as to how she got that cut.

The family says they're just grateful she ended up in the right hands.