27 Dogs in Beaver Crossing Lose Home, Relocated Across Nebraska

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For one family in Beaver Crossing, the people weren't the only ones who lost a home. Twenty-seven dogs lost what some would call a sanctuary.

Carla Chapman runs Husker Hope Dachshund Rescue, where she specializes in helping dogs that suffer from debilitating diseases. Many of the pups can't stay in the home while the power is out, but surrounding communities have offered a temporary home while Beaver Crossing recovers.

"I had a gazillion calls coming in my cell phone which basically I couldn't answer out here, I only get two bars if that," said Chapman.

She says there's a lot of work to do to get the home back to what it was. Fortunately, Chapman and her friends aren't alone, "They kinda don't want to foster for us cause they know we do special needs. But once they meet these dogs, people are going to see special needs are probably easier."

She said it's going to be about one-to-two weeks until the power is back on, but in the meantime the dogs will go to Omaha, Lincoln, Kearney, even Colorado.